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Discover the ultimate Arctic escape with our premium package priced at €1750 per person per night. Don't miss out on the details, scroll down to uncover what's included in this unforgettable experience.

Solo travelers will incur a single supplement fee of €250 per day.
For an exclusive journey, inquire about full camp buyout pricing.

Unleash your sense of adventure and explore our inspiring itineraries below. Remember, each journey is bespoke, created just for you.

Private Ice Fjord and Glacier Explorations: A whale tail fin with an iceberg scene, the essence of Arctic wilderness.

4 Days

Discover Disko Bay's whales, culture, and icebergs on an immersive Arctic adventure. Unforgettable memories await on this unique journey.

Price: €5250 pp

Kiattua Luxury Glamping Experience: The sunlit entrance of our main tent with a breathtaking fjord and mountains.

6 days

Explore new Arctic horizons in Kiattua's secluded paradise. Paddle among blue icebergs, hike raw mountains, and catch your own dinner.

Price: € 8.750 pp

Two puppies near Qeqertarsuaq. Photo - David Buchmann, Visit Greenland (1).jpg

7 Days

Experience the raw wilderness of Kiattua and the blend of Inuit culture and towering icebergs in Disko Bay on an unforgettable Arctic adventure.

Price: €10.500 pp

Private guide poised to lead an exclusive adventure, embodying the bespoke and luxury wilderness experiences offered in Greenland.

Photo by: Aningaaq Carlsen - Visit Greenland

Personal Arctic Hosts

Invited into the heart of the Arctic wilderness, your host is your trusted guide and confidant, ensuring every moment is filled with friendliness and authenticity.

Children gaze across a serene fjord, its calm waters mirroring majestic mountains, during an exclusive Greenlandic adventure.

Transfer to the wilderness in style

We offer airport pickup and transfer by our open zodiac boat, setting the tone for your unforgettable adventure in the heart of Greenland's wilderness.

A plate of fresh, succulent cod, highlighting the unique culinary experiences and local flavors of Greenland.

Taste the Soul of the Arctic

Indulge in locally-sourced flavors with our culinary vision crafted by top chefs - a truly immersive experience that celebrates the land and its people.

DrinkGT kopi_edited.jpg

Quench your thirst for adventure

 Immerse yourself in Arctic luxury with our inclusive beverage options. From soft drinks to beer, wine, cocktails, and other beverages, you'll have everything you need.

A kayaker explores near a stunning wall of blue ice, showcasing the bespoke wilderness tours available in Greenland.

Journeys of discovery

From foraging for wild plants to stepping onto an ice floe, kayaking among the bergs, and learning about Inuit folklore, there are several exclusive immersive adventures to choose from every day.

A moment of solitude inside a tipi tent in Kiattua, reflecting the luxury and tranquility of our Arctic circle accommodations.

Unmatched Comfort in the Wild Arctic

Experience unparalleled comfort at our cozy tents with heated beds, hot showers, fresh snacks, and evening turndown service - just to name a few. 


Book an appointment with one of our experts who will talk you through the details

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