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Arctic Wilderness Camp in Greenland

Bespoke Journeys through
Greenland’s Wilderness

A desire for the unreachable, guided by curiosity and appetite. It is food for the soul.

Step into the silence of the Arctic—where luxury is redefined. Exclusivity and personal space aren't just a feature; it's the essence of our tailor-made journeys. Crafted for the few, each experience is designed to ignite your senses, reconnect you with nature, and challenge the limits of what you believe is possible.

xclusive boat tour navigating Greenland's icy fjords under sunlit skies.

Tailor-Made Greenlandic Experiences

To seek exploration is to embody the impulsive and feel grace. It is human.

Navigate Greenland's bespoke journeys, illuminated by the Northern Lights or the endless Arctic sun, crafted for adaptability and intimacy. Explore our raw wilderness with a private guide. Individualization in its highest form. Anything is possible here.

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Refined Boutique Retreats

Secluded in the raw beauty of untouched shores, our retreat is a doorway to a world as pure as nature intended. Experience the ultimate in boutique glamping retreats, where comfort seamlessly merges with the untouched Arctic wilderness. It's a getaway meticulously crafted with local artistry and sustainable elegance.

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A small boat sailing close to a towering iceberg under a vivid purple sky, highlighting Ilulissats's dramatic natural beauty.

Photo by Stian Klo - Visit Greenland

Culinary Experiences Rooted in Our Traditions

Influenced by untamed nature and stark landscapes, our way of life is shaped by stories
of our ancestors and the bounty of the land.
The generosity of river and land sustains us, guiding our culinary adventures.

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Intimate portrait of a local hunter looking directly into the camera, capturing the human element amidst Greenland’s vast landscapes.

Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Forge Your Greenland Saga

Craft a voyage where myths awaken and landscapes speak.

Engage with our curators to sculpt a Greenlandic experience that is uniquely yours
- where every detail echoes your quest for the extraordinary.

Explore Our Signature Journeys

Midnight Sun Whale Watching

4 Days

Explore Saqqaq’s vibrant Inuit culture and nature, witness northern lights near Ilulissat.

Price: €5.250 pp

Kiattua Unique Wilderness Lodge: Our main tent at sunset, solitude by the fjord, epitomizes luxury accommodation.

4 days

Enjoy endless Arctic sun in Kiattua’s wilderness, ideal for nature lovers seeking serenity.

Price: € 5.250 pp


5 Days

Journey through Kiattua under the Midnight Sun for unforgettable Arctic adventures.

Price: €7.000 pp

Saqqaq, just 110 km away Ilulissat, boasts mesmerizing icebergs glowing under the midnight sun's beautiful light.

6 Days

Experience endless daylight and vibrant wildlife in Saqqaq, a traditional fishing village near Ilulissat.

Price: €8.550 pp

Kiattua: Where the northern lights dance in the Arctic sky, a boutique wilderness retreat.

8 days

Discover bespoke glamping in Kiattua and Saqqaq; experience Northern Lights and vibrant wilderness foraging.

Price: € 14.000 pp

Under the midnight sun, two hikers gaze at a glacier near Saqqaq's boutique retreat, just 110 km from Ilulissat.

10 Days

Explore Kiattua's tranquility and Saqqaq's rich Inuit culture under the perpetual Arctic daylight.

Price: €14.500 pp

Reviews from the wilderness

Customer review

Tom Robins
Travel Editor Financial Times

  Kiattua is the zenith of a new type of luxury denoted by remoteness and isolation. On those criteria, this is the Ritz 

Customer review

Lars Ranthe
Oscar Award-winning actor

  I didn't want to leave and was desperate to stay longer. Back home, I longed for the light, the air, and the feeling of freedom, where everything felt new and old at the same time 

Customer review

-HRH Prince
Ghazi bin Muhammad

  The vacation was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we are all so grateful to have lived it. We were warm and comfortable everywhere and wanted for nothing. 

A black raven, as a symbol of the arctic wildlife

Step into our circle of secrets.

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