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Pure physical and mental escapism 

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, we are driven by the desire to reconnect our guests with nature.  Each journey is a bespoke adventure into some of the most remote places on earth.  Discover the raw and untouched beauty of our land while we provide the freedom just to be.


Explore Beyond the Ordinary

Travel with us, and we’ll push your boundaries, excite your senses, involve you in Greenlandic culture and generally make the impossible possible.

Stay open to the possibilities of the day and we'll provide the flexibility to shape your journey as you go.

Portrait of a dog musher in Oqaatsut in Greenland.jpg

Photo by Rebecca Gustafsson - Visit Greenland


Limited Time,
Intimate Adventures

 In a world filled with noise, our specialty is to preserve this raw, untouched beauty and lead you into a secluded, Arctic wilderness.

With only four months of operation, from June to September, and a maximum of 10 guests per camp, you'll be among the select few to experience this truly exclusive journey before the camp vanish at the end of the season.



Journey to the End of the Earth

Unearth the stories of Greenland's raw wilderness at our two secluded campsites.

Strategically placed between towering mountains and shimmering shorelines, both Kiattua and Disko Bay offer breathtaking vistas and maximum privacy. Get lost in the ancient Inuit culture amidst towering icebergs at Disko Bay or immerse yourself in Kiattua's oldest mountains in the world. Two unique journeys for the adventurous at heart.



Stewards of a land untouched 
by modern life

Established in 2017, Nomad Greenland provides a doorway into this ancient land and culture. In an environment that might, at first, seem hostile, we consider ourselves stewards of nature at its most pure and powerful. Nomad Greenland was founded by Jon and Anika Krogh. Danish and Greenlandic respectively, the husband and wife team have a combined 26 years experience of working in remote areas of Greenland. 

Inspiring Journey Ideas

Unleash your sense of adventure and explore our inspiring itineraries below. Remember, each journey is bespoke, created just for you.

Tail fin of humpback next to iceberg. Photo - Julie Skotte, Visit Greenland (1).jpg

4 Days

Discover Disko Bay's whales, culture, and icebergs on an immersive Arctic adventure. Unforgettable memories await on this unique journey.

Price: €5250 pp

KiattuaStan (1).jpg

6 days

Explore new Arctic horizons in Kiattua's secluded paradise. Paddle among blue icebergs, hike raw mountains, and catch your own dinner.

Price: € 8.750 pp

Two puppies near Qeqertarsuaq. Photo - David Buchmann, Visit Greenland (1).jpg

7 Days

Experience the raw wilderness of Kiattua and the blend of Inuit culture and towering icebergs in Disko Bay on an unforgettable Arctic adventure.

Price: €10.500 pp

Reviews from the wilderness

Skærmbillede 2023-02-22 kl. 02.34_edited.jpg

Tom Robins
Travel Editor Financial Times

  Kiattua is the zenith of a new type of luxury denoted by remoteness and isolation. On those criteria, this is the Ritz 


Lars Ranthe
Oscar Award-winning actor

  I didn't want to leave and was desperate to stay longer. Back home, I longed for the light, the air, and the feeling of freedom, where everything felt new and old at the same time 

Skærmbillede 2023-02-22 kl. 02_edited.jpg

-HRH Prince
Ghazi bin Muhammad

  The vacation was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we are all so grateful to have lived it. We were warm and comfortable everywhere and wanted for nothing. 

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