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Luxury tipi tent under the Northern Lights in Greenland, offering a premier arctic accommodation for upscale Northern Lights viewing



In the heart of Greenland's wild expanse, our premier Arctic accommodations capture the essence of untouched natural beauty. Surrounded by stark landscapes that inspire tales of the aurora, our retreats offer a gateway to a pristine world.

Here, nature's profound silence speaks. More than just a place to stay, each experience is an invitation to connect deeply with the Arctic's timeless beauty. Designed for exclusivity and tranquility, our retreats redefine luxury, offering a sanctuary for those who seek to immerse themselves in the quiet majesty of the earth

Tent in Saqqaq with evening glow and icebergs, showcasing Greenland luxury travel.

The Saqqaq Experience:
Spacious Elegance Amidst Icebergs

Our Saqqaq retreat offers expansive 40 sqm tents, each equipped with eco-conscious facilities and private en-suite bathrooms, ensuring a blend of spacious comfort and environmental respect.

Here, luxury meets sustainability in the tranquility of Disko Bay, providing exclusive wilderness tours and a gateway to Greenlandic culture.

Kiattua luxury glamping with tipi and icebergs, a unique Greenland wilderness experience.

The Kiattua Experience:
Serenity in Silence Amidst the Arctic Wilderness

In Kiattua, experience the unique charm of our 30 sqm tipi tents, each meticulously crafted to harmonize with the Arctic environment. A short walk leads to private, modern bath facilities, ensuring every convenience is at hand. This retreat epitomizes upscale Arctic accommodations, where the silent ambiance of the fjords enhances your stay.

Tipi in rugged Greenland, part of upscale Arctic Circle lodge stays.

Comfort and Connectivity in the Heart of the Wild

Both camps are fully powered, with comprehensive electrical support and internet availability ensuring connectivity with the world, should you choose. Heated sleeping quarters with premium bedding invite guests to a restful embrace, ensuring warmth even as the Arctic air whispers through the night.
Kiattua features convenient flushing toilets, while Saqqaq offers eco-friendly separation toilets, aligning with our sustainability efforts.

Forge Your Greenland Saga

Craft a voyage where myths awaken and landscapes speak.

Engage with our curators to sculpt a Greenlandic experience that is uniquely yours
- where every detail echoes your quest for the extraordinary.

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