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Pan brimming with vibrant edible flowers, illustrating gourmet farm-to-table dining with nature's colorful bounty.

Exclusive Dining in Greenland

A fire sparks a kettle into life as hot buttered toast warms next to wild blueberry jam. From the depths of the icy fjord, a lone diver emerges, clutching a net-bag of fresh sea urchins. Onshore, freshly caught cod, its flesh pristine as snow, awaits the skilled hands of our private chef, poised to transform it into a gourmet masterpiece. This experience, rivaling that of Michelin-starred restaurants, unfolds in a unique farm-to-table setting. These are the pure, unspoiled flavors of Greenland—meticulously crafted to delight the senses.

Overhead view of a cozy fireplace with a bowl of freshly caught Greenland snow crabs beside the warm glow, highlighting a serene Arctic dining experience.

Subtle Flavors, Rugged Origins

Under the midnight sun, our tables set the stage where wild refinement meets upscale dining. Savor dishes born from the purity of Arctic waters and rugged landscapes. Local herbs, freshly caught fish, and boutique spirits chilled by glacial ice define each gourmet plate.

Elegant Alchemy in the Wild

Dine amidst icebergs and the echoes of ancient glaciers. Our luxury retreats offer more than meals; they present culinary stories crafted by Michelin-potential chefs from the heart of the Arctic. Every flavor preserves the narrative of its origin—sustainable, local, transformative.


Delve into a gastronomic adventure that transcends the ordinary. Contact us to tailor a Greenlandic dining experience that resonates with your unique tastes and aspirations. Here, every meal is an exploration of culinary excellence and Arctic abundance.

A cozy night scene at Kiattua featuring a fireplace with a glowing fire and a solitary chair facing it, inviting relaxation in the tranquil Arctic wilderness.

Exclusive Dining Under the Northern Sky

With only a select few seats available each season, our dining experiences at Kiattua and Saqqaq become sanctuaries of culinary delight. Here, the luxury is palpable, woven into the fabric of the Arctic night—private, serene, unforgettable.

Whisky chilled with ancient ice from the Greenland ice sheet, savored in front of a cozy fireplace.

An Evening Refuge

As dusk descends, our bar transforms into a refuge where the day's adventures are toasted under the Arctic sky. Indulge in Qajaq beer brewed in Narsaq, hand-selected wines from Denmark’s esteemed vineyards, and cocktails crafted with local botanicals and shards of ancient ice. Each sip is a celebration of the Arctic's untouched bounty.

A person holding a steaming bowl of fresh blue mussel soup, showcasing the culinary delights of the Arctic.

Sample menu

Greenlandic halibut crudo with snow crab and angelica pickles
Filet of lamb with foraged mushrooms, fondant Kapisillit potatoes and tundra herbs
Wild berry crumble with sea buckthorn sorbet and Labrador tea

Whenever you want it, but always a hearty buffet including fresh bread, pancakes, homemade jams, cheese board, smoked fish, sausages, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, eggs, bacon, coffee, teas and infusions.

One day a picnic at an ancient burial ground overlooking the ice fjords while feasting on barbecued ‘Hot Sled Dog’ – grilled musk ox sausage wrapped in bacon with chutney, caramelized onions and fresh cucumber salad; the next a seafood feast watching the ever-changing light dance across the fjord.

By candlelight in our cozy dining tupeq, complete with white linen table cloths and crackling log fire. Every evening a different, three-course dinner is served featuring the best Greenlandic produce such as snow crab bisque, reindeer carpaccio with beets and horseradish, and white chocolate mousse with Arctic rhubarb.

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