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Evening at Saqqaq camp with Disko Bay's icebergs, showcasing our premier Arctic accommodations and exclusive Greenlandic wilderness experiences.


Map of Greenland with Nomad Greenland Camps

A Tale of Two Secluded
Arctic Retreats

Experience the raw wilderness of Kiattua or explore the blend of Inuit culture and towering icebergs in Disko Bay. Our handpicked locations provide maximum privacy and breathtaking vistas, each with rich stories waiting to be uncovered.

Saqqaq's wooden houses and icebergs offer a unique view of Greenland's bespoke cultural experiences.

The Disko bay lodge:

Clinging to the edge of the world, halfway into the Arctic circle

Located about halfway up the west coast of Greenland, north of the Ilulissat ice fjord, which calves icebergs at a rate of 35 cubic kilometers a year, Saqqaaq is a place of infinite scale and solitude. 

The Saqqaq camp is situated 110 km from Ilulissat in an area rich with history. The nearby shores are dotted with brightly painted houses surrounded by towering peaks and inky blue waters.  The local community, with their traditional way of life, offers a glimpse into a different world, where life clings to the edge and human fragility is exposed. Interacting with this close-knit community provides a genuine connection to this unique landscape, where time seems to stand still.

An intimate bonfire in Kiattua overlooks the fjord, epitomizing luxury Arctic circle private tours.

Kiattua lodge:

Where arctic beauty meets rugged, untouched wilderness

Kiattua, nestled 90 km from the capital, is a secluded haven surrounded by the oldest mountains in the world. With ancient icebergs calved by the Narsap Sermia Glacier, this is a place of raw and untouched beauty.

With no roads, no houses and the nearest village two days walk away, life at Kiattua provides a unique chance to escape the distractions of modern life and connect with the simplicity of nature. Days are spent discovering this untouched world with your Nomad host, customized adventures, nights sharing stories around a camp fire and feasting on gourmet meals showcasing local ingredients. 

Come autumn, the clear air and low light pollution here make it one of the best places in the world to witness the Northern Lights. ​

Youth in traditional dress engaging with modern tech, highlighting Greenland's cultural experiences.

a Land of Mysteries Unveiled

Photo by: Visit Greenland

Discover the raw beauty of Greenland, the largest and most secluded island on the planet. With only 56,000 inhabitants, many of whom still live according to traditional ways, the air quality here is unparalleled. The island is covered by an ancient ice-cap that's nearly a million years old and 1500 meters deep, and for two months of the year, the sun never sets. Immerse yourself in the scale and solitude of this untouched wilderness, a last frontier of the natural world waiting to be explored."

Exploring Nuuk's icy waters, this closed boat adventure embodies upscale Greenland travel.

Getting to our locations

You can easily access our locations from Reykjavik with a 3.5-hour direct flight to Nuuk or Ilulissat. Alternatively, take a 4.5-hour flight from Copenhagen to Nuuk or Ilulissat with a connecting flight of only 45-minutes.
Upon arrival, your Nomad Host will meet you and ensure you are fully prepared for your journey to the remote wilderness. As you embark on a 90 to 120-minute RIB boat ride, passing through ice forests, the modern world fades away and the beauty of nature takes hold.

For those seeking an even more unforgettable experience, we offer an optional 25-minute helicopter transfer with breathtaking views directly to Kiattua or the Disko Bay camp. Prices available on enquiry.


Book an appointment with one of our experts who will talk you through the details

Majestic iceberg viewed from water level, captured from a boat's perspective


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