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Explore the Arctic tundra's fall colors on exclusive wilderness tours in Greenland, a haven for unique wildlife.


An arctic char thrashes in the shallows of a stream sparkling like a thousand diamonds. Piercing sunshine dances on an ice floe as a family of seals slip into the water. A survival suit as red as fire zips tight as you take your first tentative steps into the Arctic Ocean. Kiattua is your doorway to rare and exceptional adventures, where no two days look alike, and the memories you make are those you will treasure forever.

Discover bespoke cultural experiences in Greenland with a visit to a village house framed by tingerbell flowers.


Our RIB boat is the quickest way to Kapisillit, a village of just 50 inhabitants that is the only Greenlandic salmon breeding spot on the island. Here we will teach you the “hand tickling” technique for catching arctic char and visit locals for “kaffemik” for an authentic taste of the Inuit way of life.



Surrounded by mountains that are 3.8 billion years old, on the third largest fjord system in the world, Kiattua camp is immersed in origin. For hundreds of years it was a popular summer hunting ground among Nomadic Inuit, and while migrating animals have changed their routes, its new incarnation redefines off-grid luxury while honoring the past.

Hiking through Greenland's tundra en route to Nuuk's ice fjord offers transformative Arctic retreat experiences.


Enjoy three, gourmet meals a day plus snacks, picnics and barbecues, locally brewed beer Qujaq, boutique wines by Denmark’s premier winery Skærsøgaard, soft drinks and pure spring water*.

 All guided experiences are also included as well as evening turndown service and transportation to and from Kiattua (surcharge applies for helicopter transport).

*an international wines and spirits list is available for pre-order if you have anything special in mind.

Kayaking amidst icebergs on tailor-made luxury Arctic trips, highlighting Greenland's pristine wilderness.


After a thorough training session, you will take to the fjord to explore this icy wonderland in a traditional kayak, or paddleboard, of your own. Accompanied by our skilled Nomads who will ensure your safety from a backup boat and kayak, we will give you communication gear, life jackets and dry suits, leaving you free to soak up Greenland’s awe-inspiring beauty.

Experience the unique Greenland culinary adventures with freshly caught cod, showcasing eco-conscious practices.


Fishing is an integral part of life and leisure in Greenland, and the crystal clear waters outside of Nuuk are teeming with flounder, cod, halibut and wolffish. Your Nomad host will take you to the best spots, and provide you with all the gear and instruction you need to start pulling in fish for dinner, usually within 10 minutes. Keep an eye out for humpback whales and harp seals doing some fishing of their own!

Angelica, freshly collected for gourmet cuisine adventures in Greenland, highlights local flavors.


On first impression, it seems there is not a lot to pick. But look closely and you will see this ribbon of land gives generously of herbs like angelica, Labrador tea and arctic thyme, blueberries and sea buckthorn, as well as abundant wild mushrooms, all of which are taken back to Kiattua where our chef will show you how to use them in the kitchen.

A traditional Greenlandic BBQ in the wilderness, part of our exclusive summer expeditions in Greenland.


At traditional Inuit camps, flat rocks were often used instead of frying pans to cook over fire. Greased with a little seal or whale blubber, they made an excellent alternative. After a day in the wilderness building up an appetite, this traditional Greenlandic barbecue is the best way to savor pure Arctic flavors.

Qooqqut's remote houses against a cliff backdrop, visited during bespoke Greenland journeys for a unique dining experience.


Half an hour’s boat ride from Kiattua is one of the more remote restaurants on earth. Originally built as a sheep breeding station, Qooqqut Nuan, surprises by taking local ingredients such as reindeer and cold-water shrimp and giving them a Thai twist to tastebud dazzling effect.

Helicopter landing at Ilulissat's UNESCO ice fjord, part of upscale Greenlandic wilderness experiences.


There are only two ways to get to the ice cap. A two and a half hour sail, or take a jaw-dropping helicopter ride over mountain peaks and out to the tundra. From here you’ll be given plenty of time to soak up its other-worldly atmosphere and take photos, before heading off to ancient Viking ruins for a picnic lunch before returning to camp.

*Surcharge applies


Book an appointment with one of our experts who will talk you through the details

Our tent under the Northern Lights, with an ice-filled ocean backdrop, encapsulates the essence of Greenland's natural beauty.


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