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Premier Luxury Arctic Retreats: Eqi Glacier Lodge vs. Nomad Greenland

Choosing the right accommodation in Greenland is essential for fully experiencing the majesty of the Arctic. Many of our guests inquire about the differences between staying at our Nomad Greenland Tented Retreats and other luxurious accommodations such as Eqi Glacier Lodge. This guide delves into what sets each location apart, emphasizing their unique settings and the deep connections with nature they foster.

A tranquil evening at Nomad Greenland’s luxurious tent in Saqqaq, offering privacy and exclusive Arctic views, a serene alternative to the lively Glacier Lodge Eqi.
Serene Evening at Nomad Greenland

Photo by @Remoteexperiences

Glacier Lodge Eqi’s iconic red cabins stand proudly before a stunning glacier, showcasing the raw beauty of Eqi, complemented by the secluded elegance of Nomad Greenland.
Iconic View at Glacier Lodge Eqi

Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Exploring Unique Locations: Nomad Greenland and Eqi Glacier Lodge

Nomad Greenland, a premier boutique Tented Retreat, is uniquely situated in Saqqaq, adjacent to a fishing village, which not only offers breathtaking views of massive icebergs stranded by the shallow sea but also provides cultural interaction and internet connectivity. These towering icebergs, which can reach up to 120 meters above sea level, coupled with the sounds of ice breaking apart like thunder, create a dynamic and immersive natural environment.

In contrast, Eqi Glacier Lodge offers a retreat far from civilization, where the dramatic sounds of ice calving from the active Eqi Glacier enhance the remote wilderness experience. This exclusive lodge setting is perfect for those looking to disconnect completely and immerse themselves in the pristine natural beauty of Greenland.

Champagne and chocolates await inside a Nomad Greenland tent, providing a personal and intimate atmosphere in the Saqqaq Retreat
A personal and intimate atmosphere at Saqqaq

Exclusivity and Personalized Experiences at Nomad Greenland and Eqi Glacier Lodge

Nomad Greenland prides itself on offering an exclusive and intimate holiday experience, accommodating only 10 guests at a time in luxurious, high-end tents. Each guest receives personalized attention, including private guides and bespoke tours tailored to individual interests. This level of service ensures a deeply personal and enriching Arctic journey.

Eqi Glacier Lodge, with its capacity to host up to 52 guests, offers a variety of group tours and accommodation options, catering to a broader range of travelers. This setup is ideal for those who enjoy sharing their expedition experiences with other like-minded adventurers in a communal setting.

Guests at Glacier Lodge Eqi enjoy a vibrant group setting, reflecting the lodge's communal charm, a lively counterpart to the tranquil exclusivity at Nomad Greenland.
Community at Glacier Lodge Eqi

Accommodations and Services

While Eqi Glacier Lodge offers everything from basic glamping facilities to luxurious cabins with underfloor heating and panoramic views, Nomad Greenland focuses exclusively on high-end, all-inclusive tented accommodations. This approach is designed to enhance the connection with the environment while providing comfort and luxury in the wilderness.

A peaceful moment in Glacier Lodge Eqi’s luxury cabin offers a reflective, comfortable environment, while Nomad Greenland provides a bespoke, tailored experience in its pristine setting.
Quiet Time at Glacier Lodge Eqi

The inviting interior of a Nomad Greenland tent in Saqqaq, featuring plush amenities for a private, luxurious retreat
Interior at The Nomad Retreat in Saqqaq


The choice between Nomad Greenland and Eqi Glacier Lodge depends on the type of Arctic experience you are seeking. If you prefer a quiet, intimate setting with personalized service and a deep connection to nature, Nomad Greenland offers an all-inclusive, luxurious travel package at a higher price point. Alternatively, Eqi Glacier Lodge is well-suited for those who appreciate a broader range of accommodation options and enjoy the camaraderie of group activities, all set against the spectacular backdrop of an active glacier.

A Little Disclaimer

As the proud authors of this article, we admit we might be a tad biased towards the magical experience at our retreats! We encourage you to research both options to fully appreciate what each unique lodge can offer. If after your exploration, Nomad Greenland still calls to you, we would love to welcome you and provide an unparalleled Arctic experience. For inquiries or bookings, contact us at


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