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Midnight sun near Saqqaq in Disko Bay

A Greenlandic Tale of Icebergs and Inuit Legacy

Set off on a 6-day journey, exclusively tailored for groups of 6-8 people.

Discover the Arctic's mystique, where culture and untamed nature intertwine beautifully. From the iceberg-filled waters of Ilulissat to the quaint charm of Saqqaq's fishing village, immerse in an authentic Arctic experience. 

Luxurious glamping amidst Greenland's untouched wilderness offers serene nights and a tranquil escape. 

How to book?

Select your preferred tour and choose an available departure date that suits your travel plans.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the provided form to submit your details to us for booking.

Await a confirmation email, which will include your travel itinerary and other pertinent details.

Address any pre-booking inquiries or special requests for personalized assistance with your travel preparations.



20/06/2023 -  availability: 6



18/07/2023 -   waiting list


08/08/2023 - availability: 4

28/08/2023 - waiting list


12/09/2023 - availability: 6

Total price


  • Accommodations: Shared lodging for two nights in Ilulissat and three nights in Saqqaq.

  • Transfers: Efficient airport transfer services included.

  • Transportation: Smooth travel arrangements between Ilulissat and Saqqaq.

  • Culinary Experience: A diverse range of meals and snacks, offering a taste of authentic Greenlandic cuisine.

  • Beverages: A curated selection of wines, beers, and drinks to complement your dining experience in Saqqaq.

  • Host Services: A dedicated group host to ensure a remarkable and memorable experience in Saqqaq.

  • Tours: Captivating excursions designed to reveal the splendor and mysteries of Saqqaq.



  • Flights: Airfare to and from Ilulissat is not included.

  • Airport Charges: Applicable airport taxes and fees are excluded.

  • Insurance: Travel insurance is not covered.

  • Beverages in Ilulissat: Wine and other beverages in Ilulissat are not included in the package.


Submit your preferred dates and itinerary for our exquisite Arctic journeys; we'll promptly confirm availability.

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