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4 days / 3 night

Bespoke Midsummer Retreats at Kiattua – Greenland's Wilderness Experience

Discover the serene beauty of Kiattua during the midsummer period from mid-July to mid-August, when the sun graces the horizon endlessly, and the landscape bursts into vibrant life. This season offers the perfect setting to explore Greenland, characterized by gentle temperatures and a flourishing natural environment. It’s an ideal time for both relaxation and adventure, as you engage with the untamed wilderness and vibrant wildlife of this unique region.

Price: €5250

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Arrival in Nuuk
Meet and greet at the airport
Lunch at Katuaq Cultural Center
Open air boat transfer to Kiattua
Explore Kiattua Valley

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Shoreline foraging by kayak
Swimming with icebergs
Relaxation in the Arctic hot tub
Evening bonfire and drinks



Hiking and fishing in Amitsuarsuk Fjord
Catch and cook your dinner  Foraging for mushrooms, wild berries, and herbs
Bonfire and Greenlandic coffee

Sailing Greenland’s Dramatic Fjords


Morning at Camp.
Return boat cruise to Nuuk.
Departure from Nuuk


Bespoke Accommodations
Amidst Arctic Wilderness

Located 90 km from Nuuk and accessible only by boat or helicopter, Camp Kiattua offers an exclusive retreat into Greenland's vast Arctic wilderness. Designed for a select group of no more than 10 guests, our eco-friendly, luxurious 30 sqm tipi tents provide unmatched solitude and an intimate connection with nature. Enjoy the quiet grandeur of the Arctic, punctuated only by the whisper of glacial winds.

Secure Your Passage to the Arctic midsummer glory

Discover Greenland’s summer splendor. Reserve your journey to Kiattua and immerse yourself in a wilderness retreat where luxury is redefined through personal attention, exclusive access, and the flexibility to tailor your adventure as you explore.

Your Gateway to Arctic Wonders

Arriving in Greenland: Fly into Nuuk from major international airports like Copenhagen or Reykjavik. This journey typically involves a scenic 3.5-hour flight.

Getting to Kiattua: From Nuuk, embark on a 90-minute picturesque boat ride directly to the camp. For those seeking an extraordinary entry, helicopter transfers are available upon request, offering breathtaking aerial views of the Arctic landscape.

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Photo by: Olle Nordell

Tailored Adventures with
Personal Guidance

Each tour is accompanied by a knowledgeable personal guide, ensuring a tailored and intimate experience. 

All tours are private, designed to cater exclusively to your group, allowing for a deeply personal and undisturbed adventure.

Detailed Itinerary and Activities

While we can't promiseeach tour will occur on the exact days planned due tonature's unpredictability, we're committed toensuring you enjoy all the highlights of your Arcticjourney.

Day 1: Arrival and Serene Exploration of Kiattua Valley

Arrival in Nuuk:  Upon arrival, your personal guide will greet you at the airport, ready to enhance your journey with expert insights and attentive service.
Lunch at Katuaq Cultural Center: Enjoy the first taste of Greenlandic culture with a delicious meal.
Shared Boat Transfer to Kiattua: Set sail on a shared open boat ride, traveling deep into the world's second-largest fjord system, surrounded by some of the oldest mountains on Earth.
 landscapes invite profound connections to nature.
Dinner at the Camp: Relax and unwind with your first dinner at the camp, prepared using local ingredients.

Day 2: Kayaking and Iceberg Adventures

Breakfast at the Camp: Start your day with a hearty breakfast before heading out.
Shoreline Foraging by Kayak: Navigate the crystalline waters of Kiattua, foraging for wild mussels and cod, and learn traditional cooking methods on a secluded shoreline.
Swimming with Icebergs: Take a refreshing swim alongside majestic blue icebergs, experiencing the raw power and beauty of the Arctic.
Dinner at the Camp: Return to the camp for a gourmet dinner followed by an evening bonfire and drinks under the Arctic sky.

Day 3: Nature Connection and Arctic Cuisine

Breakfast at the Camp: Fuel up with a nutritious breakfast for a day full of activities.
Hiking & Fishing in Amitsuarsuk Fjord: Venture into Amitsuarsuk Fjord for a day of hiking and fishing, experiencing the tranquility of the area and the thrill of catching your dinner.
Foraging for Arctic Herbs, Berries, and Mushrooms: Learn about local flora and how to sustainably gather edible plants.
Dinner at the Camp: Enjoy a meal crafted from your day’s harvest, complemented by the warmth of a bonfire and traditional Greenlandic coffee.

Day 4: Departure

Breakfast at the Camp: Savor a leisurely breakfast with views of the surrounding wilderness.
Returning to Civilization: Take a scenic open-air boat cruise back to Nuuk, reflecting on the unforgettable memories made.
Transfer to the Airport and Departure: Bid farewell to Greenland as you transfer to the airport for your departure home.



All meals, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, house wine & soft drinks.
Luxurious eco-friendly shared accommodations.*
Private guided activities and cultural experiences.
Transfers from and to Nuuk Airport.
Adventure equipment
24/7 emergency support.

Single supplement fee: €250 pr. day

Airfare to and from Greenland.
Travel insurance.
Personal expenses.

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