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Photo by: Nina Defilla & Remoteexperiences

8 days / 7 night

Tailor-Made Greenland Journey :
Northern Lights and Foraging

Set off on a bespoke journey through Greenland's late summer wonders, highlighted by the tented glamping retreats of Kiattua and Saqqaq. As the season transitions, experience the Arctic glow perfect for viewing the northern lights, first appearing in Kiattua in late August and later in Saqqaq. These retreats, set amidst the expansive wilderness and the cultural vibrancy of Disko Bay, offer a unique way to reconnect with nature and enjoy the season's bounty of Arctic herbs, berries, and mushrooms.

Delight in the serene landscapes of Kiattua and the rich cultural backdrop of Saqqaq. Each location provides intimate wildlife encounters and a backdrop that blends luxury with the raw beauty of the Arctic. With every day of your trip carefully designed for adventure and deep connection with the wilderness, this vacation is the epitome of exclusive, nature-driven exploration.

Price: €7.000 pr. person



Meet'n Greet at Nuuk Airport.
Cultural lunch at Katuaq.
Scenic boat transfer to Kiattua.
Explore Kiattua Valley.

Dinner at the camp
Witness the Magic of the Northern Lights

A woman relaxes in a luxurious hot tub surrounded by the serene wilderness of Greenland, epitomizing secluded relaxation in nature.


Breakfast at the camp
Serene Hiking & Fishing in Amitsuarsuk Fjord
Foraging for mushrooms, wild berries, and herbs
Catch Your Dinner - Deep Sea Fishing
Arctic Hot Tub Relaxation
Witness the Magic of the Northern Lights

Cozy evening at Kiattua with a campfire by the fjord under inviting twilight, highlighting Greenland's serene wilderness.


Breakfast at the camp
Shoreline Foraging by Kayak
Uumannaq Summit Hike or Self-guided Hike
Witness the Magic of the Northern Lights

Dinner at the camp

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Breakfast at the camp
Cruise back to Nuuk
Flight to Ilulissat
Sermermiut Hike & Iceberg Luncheon
Transfer to Saqqaq
Dinner at the camp

Curious Arctic fox cub captured in Greenland's pristine wilderness, a highlight of boutique Arctic glamping retreats.


Breakfast at the camp
Visit Qullissat - Greenland's Ghost Town
Wild Arctic Fox Cub Encounter

Traditional GreenlandicBBQ
Personal relaxation time

Dinner at the camp

Witness the Magic of the Northern Lights

Tail_fin_of_humpback_next_to_iceberg._Photo_-_Julie_Skotte__Visit_Greenland (2).webp


Breakfast at the camp
Meet Greenland's Ancient Dogs
Swimming with Icebergs

Paddling Among Icebergs
Dinner at the camp

Witness the Magic of the Northern Lights 



Breakfast at the camp
Discover Greenland's Fishing Traditions and Culture
Whale Watching

Dinner at the camp

Witness the Magic of the Northern Lights

A small passenger boat in front of the h


Breakfast at the camp
Scenic Boat Transfer to Ilulissat 

Departure from Ilulissat

Luxury tent in Saqqaq, Greenland, set against the backdrop of an ice-filled ocean under beautiful evening light, offering a serene Arctic living experience.

Bespoke Accommodations
Amidst Arctic Wilderness

Located in the majestic Disko Bay, Saqqaq Camp is situated 110 km from Ilulissat, accessible only by boat or helicopter, providing a serene retreat into Greenland's vast Arctic wilderness. This exclusive camp, designed for a limited number of 8 guests, ensures an intimate experience surrounded by Greenland's dramatic landscapes. Our upscale tents offer not just comfort but a private connection with the raw, natural beauty enveloping them. Enjoy the solitude and quietude of the Arctic, where the gentle murmur of the ocean is the only interruption to the silence of the expansive fjords.

Reserve Your Exclusive Kiattua
and Saqqaq Adventure

Set off on a premium journey through Kiattua and Saqqaq, where luxury meets Greenland's untamed Arctic wilderness. Our tailored experiences ensure intimate encounters with breathtaking landscapes, promising memories that last a lifetime.

wo chairs by a campfire at Kiattua, overlooking a sunset and ice-filled fiord, capturing the essence of boutique Greenland wilderness retreats.

Your Gateway to Arctic Wonders

Travel to Kiattua:
Begin your journey by flying into Nuuk from major international hubs such as Copenhagen or Reykjavik. This scenic 3.5-hour flight offers your first breathtaking view of Greenland's expansive landscapes. From Nuuk, embark on a thrilling 80km boat journey to Kiattua, cruising through ancient fjords where you might spot humpback whales. For an unforgettable entry, helicopter transfers are available, showcasing the majestic ice-scapes from above.


Continuing to Saqqaq:
After your stay in Kiattua, a 60 minutes flight takes you to Ilulissat, the gateway to Disko Bay. From Ilulissat, set off on a 2-hour picturesque boat ride through the ice-laden waters of Disko Bay to reach Saqqaq. This route offers frequent encounters with awe-inspiring icebergs and the chance to see marine wildlife in their natural habitat. Opt for a helicopter transfer to experience the Arctic's rugged beauty from an aerial perspective, enhancing your adventure into Greenland's remote wilderness.

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Photo by: Olle Nordell

Tailored Adventures with
Personal Guidance

Each tour is accompanied by a knowledgeable personal guide, ensuring a tailored and intimate experience. 

All tours are private, designed to cater exclusively to your group, allowing for a deeply personal and undisturbed adventure.

Photo by Mads Phil, Stian Klo, Aqqa Rosing Asvid - Visit Greenland, 
Nina Defilla & Remoteexperiences

Detailed Itinerary and Activities

While we can't promise each tour will occur on the exact days planned due to nature's unpredictability, we're committed to ensuring you enjoy all the highlights of your Arctic journey.

Day 1: Arrival and Cultural Immersion in Nuuk and Kiattua

  • Meet Your Personal Guide: Upon arrival, your personal guide will greet you at the airport, ready to enhance your journey with expert insights and attentive service.

  • Lunch at Katuaq Cultural Center: Dive into Greenlandic flavors in Nuuk's cultural hub.

  • Shared Boat Transfer to Kiattua: Set sail on a shared open boat ride, traveling deep into the world's second-largest fjord system, surrounded by some of the oldest mountains on Earth.

  • Explore Kiattua Valley: Connect with the ancient and untouched landscapes of Kiattua.

  • Dinner at the Camp: Savor your first dinner in the wilderness, prepared with local ingredients.

Day 2: Fishing and Relaxation in Amitsuarsuk Fjord

  • Serene Hiking & Fishing in Amitsuarsuk Fjord: Immerse in fishing and hiking, accompanied by the possibility of seeing reindeer.

  • Foraging for mushrooms, wild berries, and herbsForaging for Arctic Herbs, Berries, and Mushrooms: Learn about local flora and how to sustainably gather edible plants.

  • Catch Your Dinner - Deep Sea Fishing: Enjoy the thrill of catching your dinner in the deep seas of Greenland.

  • Arctic Hot Tub Relaxation: Unwind in a hot tub with views of the icy fjord, optionally enhanced with champagne.

  • Witness the Magic of the Northern Lights
    As the evening starts and the nights darkness return, let’s gather around the outside camp fire and hope for the northenlight. From mid August we start to see the amazing dace of the northenlight in Kiattua. 

Day 3: Icy Wilderness Exploration

  • Shoreline Foraging by Kayak:Forage for wild mussels and cod, and learn to cook them on an open flame on a secluded shoreline. 

  • Uumannaq Summit Hike:Experience breathtaking views from Uumannaq's summit, followed by a historic visit and a traditional BBQ.

  • Arctic Culinary Delights: Return to camp for a dinner that showcases the best of local ingredients, prepared with an upscale twist.

  • Night under the Northern lights: Share stories by the bonfire, with Greenlandic coffee enhancing your connection to this secluded Arctic paradise.

Day 4: From Kiattua’s Wilderness to Ilulissat’s Icefjords

  • Farewell Kiattua Breakfast: Bid farewell to Kiattua with one last breakfast amidst its breathtaking landscapes.

  • Scenic Return Cruise to Nuuk: Journey back to Nuuk, each moment filled with the serene beauty of Greenland's fjords.

  • Flight to Ilulissat: Transition to the ice-filled wonders of Ilulissat, another jewel in Greenland’s crown.

  • Sermermiut Wilderness Trek & Iceberg Dining: Trek the historical paths of Sermermiut, dining among icebergs for a surreal meal experience.

  • Transfer to Saqqaq: Cruise across Disko Bay to Saqqaq, where ice and culture blend in stunning displays.

Day 5: Cultural Discovery and Arctic Wildlife in Saqqaq

  • Breakfast at the Camp: Begin the day with a gourmet breakfast amidst the pristine wilderness of Saqqaq.

  • Historical Insights at Qullissat: Dive into the poignant history of Greenland's ghost town, Qullissat, learning about its once-thriving coal mining community and the resilient spirits of its past residents.

  • Arctic Fox Cub Encounter: Observe these playful creatures in their natural setting, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of one of the Arctic's most charming inhabitants.

  • Relaxation Amidst Nature: Enjoy personal moments of tranquility, reflecting on the vast landscapes and deep cultural roots of Saqqaq.

  • Evening Bonfire and Cultural Exchange: Gather around the bonfire for an evening of stories and cultural sharing, enhancing the connection with Greenland's heritage.

Day 6:  Arctic Adventures and Serenity

  • Encounter with Greenland’s Ancient Dogs: Meet the iconic Greenlandic sled dogs, learn about their vital role in Arctic survival, and enjoy playful interactions with these noble creatures.

  • Swimming with Icebergs: Experience the thrill of swimming alongside towering icebergs, encapsulating the adventurous spirit of the Arctic.

  • Paddle Boarding Among Icebergs: Glide through the calm, icy waters of Disko Bay on a paddle board, navigating close to mesmerizing icebergs for a truly intimate encounter with nature.

  • Luxurious Arctic Dining: Savor another exquisite dinner at the camp, where each dish is a celebration of the local catch and foraged ingredients.

  • Greenlandic Coffee by the Starlit Sky: Conclude your day with a traditional Greenlandic coffee, shared around the bonfire under the starlit Arctic sky.

Day 7: Exploring the Rich Marine Life of Disko Bay

  • Breakfast Overlooking Disko Bay: Wake to breathtaking views and a hearty breakfast, setting the stage for a day of marine exploration.

  • Greenland’s Fishing Traditions and Culture: Engage in a hands-on fishing experience with local fishermen, from net casting to fish preservation, embodying the sustainable practices of Arctic life.

  • Whale Watching Adventure: Set sail in Disko Bay to witness humpback, minke, and fin whales, a testament to the region's thriving marine ecosystem.

  • Gourmet Dinner with a View: Enjoy a dinner that merges traditional and modern culinary arts, overlooking the ice-filled waters of Disko Bay.

  • Night of Northern Lights and Reflections: Reflect on your journey with a backdrop of the Northern Lights, offering a mesmerizing end to an unforgettable day.

Day 8: Farewell to the Arctic Wonders

  • Morning Farewell Breakfast at Camp: Share a final breakfast with new friends, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Saqqaq.

  • Scenic Boat Transfer to Ilulissat: Journey back to Ilulissat

  • Departure from Ilulissat: Conclude your grand Arctic adventure with a transfer to the Ilulissat airport, carrying memories of the landscapes, cultures, and wildlife that make Greenland a truly unique luxury destination.


All meals, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, house wine & soft drinks.
Luxurious eco-friendly shared double accommodations.*
Private guided activities and cultural experiences.
Transfers from and to Nuuk Airport.
Adventure equipment
24/7 emergency support.

* Single supplement: €250 pr day


Airfare to and from Greenland.
Travel insurance.
Personal expenses.

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