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Day 1 -Day 1

Private transfer within Nuuk

Lunch in Katuaq the Cultral center

Camp Kiattua

Waterfall hike

Dinner at Kiattua

Bonfire & drinks

 Meet ' n Grate

Boat cruise to camp Kiattua - RIB open boat

Arrival at Camp Kiattua

Day 2 -Day 2

Breakfast at the camp

Morning hike to Uumannaq Summit

Traditional Greenlandic BBQ

Dinner at Kiattua

Swimming with icebergs

Day 3 -Day 3

Breakfast at the camp


Lunch in Kiattua

Visit the settlement of Kapisillit

"Kaffemik" - visit a local family

Farewell Dinner at camp Kiattua

Farewell Dinner at camp Kiattua

Day 4

Boat transfer to Nuuk

Camp Klattua

Smiling Portrait

Meet'n Greet

20 minutes

Part guide, part concierge, part companion, we are proud to introduce your personal Nomad host, who will welcome you to one of the world's tiniest international airports.

The host will join the group from arrival to departure in Greenland. Besides coordinating the journey, this host will also be available to assist and help during the stay.

Specialized guides will join the group on some of the excursions and will provide specific local knowledge, information on wildlife, ice, climate conditions and other questions.

Photo by Aningaaq R Carlsen - Visit Greenland

Private transfer within Nuuk

 25 minutes             

Lunch in Katuaq the Cultural center

1 hour 

The café in Katuaq is an oasis of culture universe. Cafétuaq is a meeting point for many, ranging from local families to tourists, artists and musicians who perform or exhibit in Katuaq. Cafétuaq serves a variety of hot and cold dishes, mostly based on Greenlandic ingredients, with a hint of flavors from around the world. Katuaq Greenland's Cultural Center, is located in the middle of Nuuk in the business district between public buildings and shops. The building is full of character, and fits in perfectly in the arctic landscape despite its unique design. The building was inspired by waving northern lights and the play of light on ice and snow.

Photo by: Visit Greenland David Trood / Filip Gielda / Peter Lindstrom

Boat cruise to camp Kiattua - RIB open boat